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Invest in Leaf Protection

If you’re one of the many homeowners that dread climbing ladders to clean out the debris in your gutters every year, then Midwest Seamless Gutters And Siding has a solution for you.

We offer a wide selection of leaf protection products that can go over your existing gutter system based on your roof style and the area you live in.

Contact the most reputable professionals in the area to learn more about leaf protection systems and to receive your FREE estimate.

LeafX Systems

The best product on the market to keep leaves, debris, birds, squirrels, and even insects from settling in your gutter system is the premium gutter protection system known as LeafX.

The LeafX system is made up of 100% aluminum and requires absolutely no drilling into the roof or fascia of your home.

No matter how heavy the rainfall, the patented LeafX gutter protection system comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures that your gutters will never clog up. If for some reason your gutters do clog, the reliable staff at Midwest Seamless Gutters And Siding will come to your location and clean your gutters out for FREE.

GutterRx Systems

Another high-quality product that we offer at Midwest Seamless Gutters And Siding is the GutterRx. This gutter protection system is backed with a 25-year, no-clog guarantee!

The built-in ridge design of the GutterRx promotes self-cleaning caused by air flow. The lightest breeze will cause dry debris to blow right off your system, so you don’t have to risk a fall due to climbing ladders and cleaning your gutter systems on your own.

Similar to the LeafX, the GutterRx completely encloses your gutter system so that birds, squirrels, and insects don’t have the chance to build nests and clog your gutter system.

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